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Max Aluminium is a subsidiary of HengShiHui, incorporated in 2019 in Nanjing, China, has been a forefront general distributor specialized in Aluminum products

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  • Brushed Aluminum Plate Application And Materi...



    Brushed Aluminum Plate Application And Materi...

    Brushed aluminum panels are widely used in brushed aluminum composite panels, fireproof panels, aluminum photo frames, boutique cabinets, boutique doors and windows, veneers, signs, lighting, interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other

  • Common Aluminum Plates



    Common Aluminum Plates

    At present, there are many types of aluminum plates on the market. Different types of aluminum plates have different characteristics. So how do we choose the aluminum plates that suit our needs? Let the aluminum plate manufacturers give you a brief introduction to the classification of aluminum plates. I hope everyone can helpful.

  • Fluorocarbon Coating For Surface Treatment Of...



    Fluorocarbon Coating For Surface Treatment Of...

    Fluorocarbon spraying is a kind of electrostatic spraying, which is also a way of liquid spraying. It is called fluorocarbon spraying. It belongs to high-grade spraying and has a high price. It has been used in foreign countries.

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  • 5053 Aluminum Plate

    5053 Aluminum Plate

    1. Production Standard
    ATSTM, B209, JIS H4000-2006, GB/T2040-2012,etc
    2. Width: 50mm-2500mm...
    3. Length: 50mm-8000mm...

  • 5083 Aluminum Sheet

    5083 Aluminum Sheet

    Alloy 5083 aluminum plates have higher strength than 5052 plate and has exceptional thermal conductivity.

  • 2024 Seamless Aluminum Tube

    2024 Seamless Aluminum Tube

    According to the extrusion method, aluminum pipe can be divided into seamless aluminum tube and ordinary extruded tube. There may be one or more...

  • 6061 Aluminum Rectangular Bar

    6061 Aluminum Rectangular Bar

    Flat Bars (also known as ‘Rectangular Bars’) are a long and rectangular-shaped metal bars are used in a wide range of structural and architectural...

  • T Slot Industrial Aluminum Extrusion

    T Slot Industrial Aluminum Extrusion

    Convenient construction: Owned modularity, multifunction, You can quickly construct an ideal equipment for garment and no need complex design and...

  • Aluminum Blade Profile

    Aluminum Blade Profile

    CAD design or drawing——open the mould——extruded profile——machining polishing——surface treatment

  • 5754 Aluminum Plate

    5754 Aluminum Plate

    Aluminium 5754 has excellent corrosion resistance especially to seawater and industrially polluted atmospheres.

  • 5052 Aluminum Sheet

    5052 Aluminum Sheet

    5052 aluminum sheet is used for marine applications due to its high resistance to salt water corrosion and overall strength. It is easy to form,...

  • 8006 Aluminum Foil

    8006 Aluminum Foil

    Due to its excellent properties, aluminum foil is widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, pharmaceutical, photographic floor,